Africa-America Foundation

Mission Statement 

We are a non-profit organization with a mission to bring people within the African diaspora together through DNA testing. Our goal is to give other people like me the chance to know their roots. Now we have to bridge the gap. Africans need to do the test to connect with relatives here in America in order for this to work.

We are asking for a kind donation of DNA kits that would be distributed to Africans (Primarily West/Central Africans during this time). It is great that African-Americans are taking the tests but we need Africans from Africa to take the tests as well in order for us to fulfill this mission of connecting together.

Africa America Foundation’s goal is to connect people within the African diaspora with each other using DNA kits. This is a very important step in the development of African people because we will be able to reconnect with each other again after being separated for so long. These donations will go towards purchasing DNA Kits and distributing them to African people. DNA testing has become very popular for those in the United States but not so much in Africa. If we can get people in Africa to do these tests that will expand the database and match black Americans who have been in America for generations with African people.

The purpose: The purpose of these tests are to bring together African Americans and rebuild that connection that was once destroyed by our colonisers.